Johnny Depp appears in PEOPLE and IN TOUCH magazine this week!

If you want a photo of Johnny Depp putting his hands in cement at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, pick up a copy of the newest PEOPLE magazine (October 3 issue), which features a lovely shot of a grinning Johnny holding up his cement-stained hands. Unfortunately, PEOPLE is the only one of the weekly entertainment magazines to include a picture from the event. IN TOUCH, however, devotes some space to debunking that silly rumor that claims Johnny uses a hand double in the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN films because his own hands, with their “long, slender fingers,” are insufficiently pirate-like. That’s nonsense: according to the October 3rd IN TOUCH, “A rep for the movie denies that Johnny’s perfect hands posed a problem at all. The buccaneer will be seen sailing the seven seas with his very own hands when the sequel to the hit Disney film opens next July.” A wise choice–Depp fans recognize Johnny’s hands and would find a substitution repulsive.

Crossword puzzle fans may also enjoy IN TOUCH’s Johnny-themed puzzle in the current issue. The Zone thanks Donna B. for the magazine update. She also mentions that LIFE & STYLE and US magazines include favorable CORPSE BRIDE reviews in their current issues.

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