"I'm honored and so thankful:" a transcript of Johnny Depp's remarks at Grauman's Chinese Theatre

For the many Deppheads who have been curious about exactly what Johnny said when he pressed his hands and feet into the cement forecourt at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Friday, September 19, 2005, emma has generously provided a transcript of Johnny’s remarks. Thanks, emma! Johnny told the crowd:

“Hi! How are you doing? Yeah! Well, this is weird.” [He laughs.] “I mean, to say that this is overwhelming is probably the understatement of the millennium. This is devastating.” [He laughs.] “I’m really very honored and shocked and all those adjectives that … I mean, it’s insane. Look who’s here? Look at all these people!” [The crowd cheers.] “But I’m honored, I’m really honored to be here, and more than anything I’m honored and so thankful, so grateful that all you guys [crowd cheers] … yeah, you should applaud for yourselves, you know.” [He applauds the crowd.] “That’s for you, for sticking around with me on this really long, strange road, and yeah, I really appreciate it. So anyway, yeah, I’d better get out of here.” [He laughs.] “Thanks so much for everything. Yeah, I’m really truly honored and very proud. Thanks a lot.”

The Zone thanks bonnie for contributing the photo of Johnny standing at the microphone during Friday’s ceremony at Grauman’s. To see a larger version of that picture, click HERE.

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