A stunning debut weekend at the box office for Tim Burton's THE CORPSE BRIDE!

Despite the fact that the film opened in only five theaters in North America, Tim Burton’s CORPSE BRIDE pulled in $411,000 on its opening weekend–that’s a staggering average of $82,200 per screen! For comparison, the film in first place at the box office last weekend, Reese Witherspoon’s romance JUST LIKE HEAVEN, earned $4,703 per screen, and the second-place film, THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE, earned a slightly better $5,129 per screen. CORPSE BRIDE’S closest competition in the limited-release market, Miramax’s PROOF, opened in 8 theaters and earned $25,125 per screen; that’s a very good number, but less than a third of the business that CORPSE BRIDE delivered. Warner Bros. must be delighted with CORPSE BRIDE’s prospects; the film opens wide on Friday, and Zoners would be wise to get their tickets early. Thanks to MommaDeppLover for reporting the box office numbers!

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