Something to be thankful for–a U.S. release date for THE LIBERTINE! reports that Weinstein Co. will release Johnny Depp’s long-delayed tour de force THE LIBERTINE on Wednesday, November 23rd–that’s the day before Thanksgiving in the United States, thus giving American Deppheads one more reason to be grateful when they sit down to their festive turkey dinners. Unfortunately, THE LIBERTINE’s release will be limited to New York City and Los Angeles. We hope for a wider rollout in December. Note that the film currently carries an MPAA rating of NC-17, although there is always a chance that could be negotiated to an R in order to achieve wider distribution . . . . The release date for the U.K. is two days later, on Friday, November 25th. The Zone thanks Shadow for breaking the news and Charly for updating us on the UK schedule.

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