BREAKING NEWS–Johnny Depp attends the premiere of TIM BURTON'S CORPSE BRIDE at the Toronto Film Festival!

Johnny Depp thrilled a crowd of well-wishers, including several members of the Zone, when he arrived at the Toronto Film Festival screening of Tim Burton’s CORPSE BRIDE last night. Johnny wore a gray suit, black shirt, and his signature two-toned shoes (in black-and-white this time). To see a photo of Johnny as he stepped onto the red carpet at Elgin Theatre, click HERE, and for a larger version of the photo at the left, click HERE. Many thanks to bonnie for both photos–she has posted many more great pictures from Toronto on our Recent Pics forum. Thanks also to AnaMaria, JD101, and DarkAngel for posting pictures from last night’s premiere and afterparty.

Special Zone thanks also to dukie,laura(tco), and Intodadepps for their first-person accounts of the premiere; you can read about their adventures, and those of their friends and fellow Deppheads, on the Porch. We can safely say it was a truly inspirational evening!

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