RANGO is “the best and most entertaining animated film of the year,” says the Hollywood Reporter’s Todd McCarthy

In a year-end summation of the best and worst in animated films in 2011, Hollywood Reporter film critic Todd McCarthy proclaims, “[T]he best and most entertaining animated film for me this year was Rango. A rambunctious, free-spirited mashup of countless cinematic references, this shows director Gore Verbinski making his escape from years in the Caribbean with the feel of a man liberated, putting a wonderful voice cast at the service of a cleverly madcap John Logan script that pushes into unexpected realms verbally and visually.”

McCarthy had high praise for “the film’s pictorial richness” that “often plays the trick of making you suspect the picture was actually shot with a camera rather than animated, so attentive is it to such cinematic niceties as framing, use of color, light and shadow and minute detail; visually, despite its confinement to 2D, the film is as stimulating and inventive as anything in 3D,” McCarthy writes. “To top it off, in the absence of any significant live-action contribution to the genre, Rango did its bit to keep the Western alive in 2011.” You can read the full article HERE.

What wonderful compliments for Gore and all the talented artists who worked on Rango! Happily, come next February, the director will be “doing his bit to keep the Western alive” in the live-action realm, filming The Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer. We can’t wait to saddle up!

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