Johnny Depp in U.S. entertainment magazines this weekend~~

Johnny Depp appears in the new issues of PEOPLE, IN TOUCH weekly, LIFE & STYLE Magazine, and the STAR. By far the best investment is PEOPLE, which includes our lovely photo of Johnny at the London premere of CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY last Sunday. To see the full-length version from PEOPLE’s Star Tracks, click HERE. Runner-up in the beautiful picture derby is IN TOUCH weekly, which includes the following picture of Johnny and Vanessa from the 2005 Oscars: HERE. Unfortunately the photo accompanies a silly story which lambastes Vanessa for refusing to marry Johnny, and even suggests that Johnny wanted to elope to Las Vegas following this year’s Oscar ceremony. Since the Oscars took place only a week after Hunter S. Thompson’s suicide, Johnny’s red-rimmed, tearful eyes render the IN TOUCH story absurd; this is a man with nothing but mourning on his mind.

LIFE & STYLE magazine has a small photo from the 2004 Oscars, and a brief story that suggests Johnny is on the verge of proposing to Vanessa, while the STAR has a brief, unsubstantiated story that Johnny is considering purchasing a condo in New York City, supposedly to allow the Depp children more exposure to U.S. culture. It is difficult to see when Lily-Rose and Jack would have a chance to be exposed to the cultural attractions of New York City since their father’s filming schedule will keep him elsewhere for the next several years.

The Zone thanks Donna B. for the weekly magazine roundup; she posted all the articles and pictures on the Zone’s News & Views board.

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