"Many levels to Wonka," Johnny Depp tells the BBC in new interview for CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY

“There are so many levels,” Johnny Depp told the BBC’s Emma Jones in an interview broadcast Monday, July 18th. He was discussing his approach to playing Willy Wonka in Tim Burton’s new film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s classic novel, CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. “You want to be true to the author’s intent; you want to be true to the director’s vision; you want to be true to yourself, in some ways you want to take the character–and at the same time, I’m trying to imagine what Roald Dahl might have wanted to see in a character like Wonka today.” Johnny can be reasonably sure that the late author would have been pleased by Depp’s multi-layered, mordantly witty Wonka; Dahl’s widow Felicity has high praise for his performance and is delighted with the finished film. Mrs. Dahl told the BBC: “I think Tim [Burton] and Depp and Dahl are just brilliant together!”

In a different interview which aired on A&E’s BREAKFAST WITH THE ARTS on Sunday, July 17th, Johnny elaborated on his vision of the character. He spoke specifically about how difficult it is for Willy Wonka to take on the role of tour guide and invite people into his factory, after years of isolation: “There is a purity in Wonka. He is a guy who just assumes a character so that he can actually speak in front of people… and behind that mask… behind that face … there is a guy who is pure and afraid … and afraid of being afraid … and afraid of people seeing that he is afraid,” Johnny explained. “So there are various layers to the guy that 90% of the audience won’t see, but I know it’s there… so I do have a special feeling for Wonka.” Thanks to ACK for the BREAKFAST WITH THE ARTS excerpt and emma for the BBC interview. You can watch the BBC interview HERE.

A special thank you to Veronica for providing the beautiful screencap; Johnny’s British interviews, shot last weekend, show him in a black T-shirt and no hat. To see a larger version of the thumbnail, click HERE.

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