DVD Alert–John Waters' cult classic CRY-BABY, starring Johnny Depp, now available on Region 1 DVD!

North American Deppheads cheered the release of John Waters’ classic satire CRY-BABY on DVD on July 12th. It has been a long wait for fans, who have worn out their VHS tapes of the 1990 musical. Johnny Depp heads a cheerful cast of misfits and eccentrics, playing Elvis-figure Wade “Cry-Baby” Walker with subversive charm. The DVD contains deleted scenes, additional footage, and cast interviews, including one with Johnny. Like another of John Waters’ films, HAIRSPRAY, CRY-BABY will soon become a Broadway musical.

Recently John Waters was asked by Daniel Coleridge of TV Guide if he claims “any credit for Johnny Depp’s huge film career.” Waters replied, “Johnny would’ve been a huge star and a very successful actor without me. I’m glad he started with me, though. I’m glad he starred in my movie. More people have seen CRY-BABY, because of Johnny Depp, than any of my movies.” Waters added, “I’m glad that I’m the first person who ever got him a million-dollar paycheck. And I’m glad we’re still friends.”

In other Depp DVD news, the Region 1 release of season 3 of 21 JUMP STREET has been postponed two weeks, from August 23 to September 6, 2005. No reason was given for the delay. The Zone thanks emma for the Coleridge interview and itsnotmytree777 for the news on 21 JUMP STREET.

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