"20 Reasons to Love Johnny" by Vanessa Paradis–article in new French Premiere!

The July 2005 edition of the French PREMIERE magazine celebrates “Twenty Years of Depp” with a retrospective and several fascinating articles, including “His Strokes of Genius,” “His Return to Tim Burton for CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY,” and a feature where ten directors invent a film role for Johnny. Vanessa Paradis also contributes an article in which she lists twenty reasons to love Johnny–and she should know! Some of Vanessa’s reasons: “He’s not afraid of anything,” “He knows French culture better than I do,” “He will do anything to help someone,” and–of course–“He is always beautiful.”

The Zone thanks Sam for breaking the story and posting scans of the French PREMIERE on the News & Views forum. We also thank the many Zoners who have contributed translations of Vanessa’s 20 reasons. Merci! For a larger view of the PREMIERE cover, click HERE.

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