Johnny Depp talks about his children and CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY on EXTRA!

Johnny Depp sat down for a friendly exchange with EXTRA’s Sean Kelly last weekend in Nassau; the segment aired on June 27th. Regarding the actor who preceded him as Willy Wonka, Johnny said, “I’ve never spoken to Gene Wilder, but I must say he was absolutely brilliant as Wonka. I’ve loved everything that he’s ever done.” Johnny confided that his two children, Lily-Rose and Jack, are such fans of the original version that “they might be my harshest critics.” He added with self-deprecating charm,”My kids might come out of the thing and go,’You completely missed it, Dad!'”

Johnny described the moment when his children saw him in costume as Willy Wonka for the first time. “I’ll never forget when they came on the set the first time to visit me, and I was all decked in the Wonka gear,” Depp recalled. “They stopped and looked at me for almost three minutes. It was like, ‘I know that’s dad, but he looks completely weird.'”

So does Johnny see any part of himself reflected in Lily-Rose and Jack? “Oh, a lot; it’s amazing when you see yourself in your children,” Johnny said with a smile. “It’s very, very strange. There’s no ride like it.” The Zone thanks AnaMaria for the EXTRA transcript and Theresa for the screencap of Johnny. DeepinDeep supplied the link to the video clip; you can watch it HERE.

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