Michael Jackson "never entered my mind at all" as an inspiration for Willy Wonka, Johnny Depp tells ACCESS HOLLYWOOD

In an interview with ACCESS HOLLYWOOD conducted in Nassau and aired on June 27th, Johnny Depp was asked about his “inspiration” for his eccentric take on Willy Wonka in CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. Did Johnny have someone particular in mind? “I’ve heard–there were a couple of rumors–they said the character was based on Marilyn Manson,” Johnny admitted. “I’ve even heard someone said Michael Jackson–which was really strange! Because those things never entered my mind at all.”

As for the infectious “Willy Wonka” song, director Tim Burton complains that it is “one of those songs that you can’t get out of your head, no matter how hard you try. I’d be laying awake at night and go, ‘Oh, God, get that [. . .] thing out of my head!” Did Johnny have a similar reaction to the song? “Oh, no,” Johnny told ACCESS HOLLYWOOD. “It makes me feel real good.”

The Zone thanks Theresa for sharing her screencap of Johnny in Nassau. To see a larger version of the picture, click HERE.

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