August 2005 EMPIRE Magazine features Martyn Palmer interview with Johnny Depp!

The August 2005 issue of EMPIRE features a wonderful four-page profile of Johnny Depp by Martyn Palmer. “In CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, he’s the ultimate man-child,” Palmer begins. “In THE LIBERTINE, he’s the first punk rocker.” Palmer goes on to explore what he calls “the double life of Johnny Depp,” contrasting the quirky but ultimately innocent Willy Wonka with the decadence and despair of John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, Johnny’s previous role. Palmer was fortunate enough to interview Johnny at Pinewood on the CATCF set; on the Isle of Man during shooting of THE LIBERTINE; and in between, at the Venice Film Festival last September, so he is uniquely positioned to grasp the versatility and complexity of Johnny Depp as an actor.

“Going back into the ring with Tim is like being home,” Johnny says, referring to his fourth collaboration with CATCF director Tim Burton. To Palmer, Johnny and Tim seem more like “two (big) little boys having a good time together” than A-list talent fronting one of the biggest releases of the year. “It’s fun and it’s meant to be fun,” Johnny confirms. “Tim is doing beautiful stuff; the sets are incredible and the work has been a ball.”

The Zone thanks Reemi for breaking the news and Donna B. for posting scans of the EMPIRE article on the News & Views forum. Photographs are by Nigel Parry from his gorgeous 2003 Paris shoot. In this article, again, Johnny sounds remarkably happy and contented with his life and his profession: “I’m lucky to have this job and I’ll do it until they don’t give me gigs anymore.” That’s not likely to be a pressing problem; one of the Parry photos bears the caption “Rebel without a pause: Depp currently has eight films in production.” Lucky us!

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