Ryan Gosling won’t be playing THE LONE RANGER

Despite rumors swirling around the project saying that The Lone Ranger‘s title role would go to Ryan Gosling, Johnny Depp’s Tonto is still looking for his Kemosabe. Kate Ward of Entertainment Weekly reports that one of Gosling’s representatives “has confirmed to EW that the Blue Valentine actor will not be playing the title character in Disney’s big-screen version of The Lone Ranger, which is scheduled to head to theaters in 2014.” Apparently all those media reports that claimed that Gosling was “in talks” to play the Ranger were premature. “Gosling’s schedule was not yet firmed up,” Ward writes. Ah — scheduling conflicts. So the search goes on . . . .

The Zone thanks FANtasticJD for sharing the news. You can read more about The Lone Ranger on the Zone’s Porch General Discussion forum.

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