CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY featured in August issue of SCI- FI magazine!

“Johnny Depp provides the eye candy on the set of the reinvented CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY,” begins Resa Nelson’s four-page feature in the August 2005 issue of SCI-FI. The article is lavishly illustrated with already-familiar stills from the movie. Interspersed with a good plot summary are tantalizing quotes from Richard Zanuck, one of CATCF’s producers.

“Johnny Depp, who may be the biggest star in the world today, [. . .] is an actor who takes chances,” says Zanuck. “[He] will go way out there, as he did in PIRATES, and explore what other actors would shy away from.” The producer continues, “We have Johnny Depp at his best [. . .]. Willy Wonka has always been a very eccentric character, but you put Johnny Depp in his shoes and he becomes even more eccentric.” The Zone thanks emma for breaking the story, and Donna B. for posting her scans of the Sci-Fi article.

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