Yo ho! Captain Jack Sparrow voted one of all-time-greatest movie entrances by EMPIRE Magazine!

The July 2005 issue of EMPIRE Magazine contains an article ranking the ten best movie entrances of all time, and Captain Jack Sparrow sails into the list at number nine. That ranking is a bit low, we think, but there’s no arguing with this fantastic description of Johnny Depp’s entrance as Captain Jack:

“His noble chin jutting to the sky, the camera eases back from Captain Jack Sparrow balancing on the mast of his ship. Then it eases back some more. He is spying for shore, resplendent in his pirate regalia. Then we ease back a trifle more. The ship, well, seems to be more of a tiny boat, and a sinking one at that. By the time it reaches the small wooden pier, only the tip of the mast is above water, yet Jack steps with perfect timing onto dry land. Without, yet, a flutter of Johnny Depp’s fabulous, bedraggled, gold-rimmed performance, we already know Jack: a fool, a loser, concealing the craftiest noggin on the seven seas.”

The Zone thanks jes for the news–she also reports that the July EMPIRE has a one-page feature on Tim Burton’s CORPSE BRIDE in the “Coming Soon” section. EMPIRE sounds very enthusiastic about the upcoming animated release . . . and so are we!

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