LIBERTINE news–Johnny Depp listed as Oscar contender, already; LIBERTINE screens at Cannes

Although awards season is many months away, gilly reports that Goldderby’s has already published a list of “Leading Oscar Rivals” for the “2006 Derby,” and Johnny Depp is listed as a Best Actor contender for his role as John Wilmot in THE LIBERTINE. Since THE LIBERTINE has yet to be released to the public, this news is both tantalizing and bittersweet. The earliest published release date is still August 5th in Canada–call your travel agent now . . . .

Meanwhile, emma reports the THE LIBERTINE had a special screening at the just-concluded Cannes Film Festival. Isle of Man film minister Alex Downie attended the screening (remember that THE LIBERTINE filmed on the Isle of Man) and sends back this report: “It was with people who had been involved in the film and interested buyers. The film hasn’t been finally cut yet but it was a very good and well-received performance. John Malkovich and Johnny Depp were absolutely fantastic.” Thanks to gilly and emma for keeping us up-to-date on LIBERTINE news.

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