Congratulations to ONBC! The Zone's Oprah Noodlemantra Book Club is mentioned in a wire story on Johnny Depp!

The Zone’s excitement at the news that Johnny Depp would produce a film of Nick Hornby’s new book, A LONG WAY DOWN, for Warner Brothers, leapt to a new level when we saw a reference to our own Oprah Noodlemantra Book Club in a news story entitled “Swashbuckler Nabs Hornby Book.” After giving the facts of the Warner Brothers deal and quoting Johnny’s praise of Hornby’s book and Hornby’s praise of Johnny, the story turns to an assessment of Johnny’s remarkable reading habits and how they shape Infinitum Nihil’s production schedule.

“King’s Initial Entertainment Group and Johnny’s production company, Infinitum Nihil, are already working together as partners on the upcoming Warner Brothers film SHANTARAM, Gregory David Roberts’ tale of drugs, armed robberies and Bombay hospitals,” the article continues. “Depp also has the rights to HAPPY DAYS–no, not the Fonz TV program, but the novel by Laurent Graff – and I,FATTY, Jerry Stahl’s rip-roaring take on the Fatty Arbuckle story.

“Says Stahl, ‘Depp is the most well-read guy I’ve met.’ Obviously so,” observes the writer for Dogmatika. “And impeccable taste as well. Depp is a well-known fan of the Beats (was friends with lynchpin Allen Ginsberg, and played Jack Kerouac in THE SOURCE), and famously portrayed Doctor Thompson in FEAR AND LOATHING,” the article continues. “There is even a bookclub devoted to all-things Johnny, the cleverly-named Oprah Noodlemantra book club; not only a gentle wink at the Oprah Winfrey Bookclub, but also the pseudonym Depp used to use when checking into hotels.”

Congratulations to ONBC moderators Liz and DeppintheHeartofTexas, and all of the members who keep the Oprah Noodlemantra Book Club a lively and thought-provoking place. You do an outstanding job! And thanks to DeepinDepp for posting the story on the News board. You can read the whole article HERE.

ONBC is currently discussing SHANTARAM–stop by their forum and take a look!

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