BREAKING NEWS–Johnny Depp to co-produce the film version of Nick Hornby's new novel, A LONG WAY DOWN

Warner Brothers got out its checkbook again and purchased the rights to Nick Hornby’s newest novel, A LONG WAY DOWN, Variety reports. The novel, which deals with four suicidal strangers who meet by chance on New Year’s Eve and form a surrogate family, was published on Monday in the U.K. and is already #13 on Amazon U.K.’s bestseller list. The film of A LONG WAY DOWN will be produced by Graham King, Johnny Depp, and David Heyman. King’s Initial Entertainment Group and Johnny’s production company, Infinitum Nihil, are already working together as partners on the upcoming Warner Brothers film SHANTARAM.

Why was Johnny interested in Hornby’s A LONG WAY DOWN? “This book is brimming with… some of the most outstanding characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading,” Johnny told the Hollywood press. “The cinematic possibilities are extraordinary. I am thrilled to be involved with such a masterful work.” Previous Hornby novels adapted into films include ABOUT A BOY, starring Hugh Grant; HIGH FIDELITY, with John Cusack; and FEVER PITCH, starring Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore, currently in theaters.

Does Johnny plan to play one of Hornby’s “outstanding characters” himself? “Depp’s attachment is limited to producing at this point,” writes Variety, but in an interview with The Independent, Nick Hornby mentioned that he thought Johnny might be interested in playing Martin Sharp, whom Hornby describes as “a disgraced breakfast TV presenter.” A morning news show host fallen from grace . . . that would be an intriguing character to add to Johnny’s constantly expanding resume.

The Zone thanks Reemi, who broke the story, and emma and DeepinDepp who contributed additional articles. There are several stories on the News and Views forum now, including trade press reports from Variety and the Hollywood Reporter, and stories about A LONG WAY DOWN from the UK press. Zoners who would like to read A LONG WAY DOWN can order it now from Amazon UK, or wait until June when Viking Press will release a U.S. edition.

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