Ship ahoy! The brand new Black Pearl arrives in Dominica to take part in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN sequels!

Where does she make berth? Have you not heard the stories? The newly-built pirate ship Black Pearl has successfully completed her maiden voyage and now lies at anchor in Prince Rupert Bay on the Caribbean island of Dominica, where she will take a starring nautical role in the sequels to PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. Zoners will recall that the Black Pearl in the original POTC was not a practical ship, but a makeshift set built on a barge and enhanced by computer graphics. For the sequels, Captain Jack Sparrow will be at the helm of a genuine, seaworthy 130-foot-long ship built by Steiner Shipyards of Mobile, Alabama.

On his website,POTC screenwriter Ted Elliott has already posted his delight in the arrival of the Black Pearl. “I can look out the window of my bungalow and see the Black Pearl, lying at anchor in Prince Rupert Bay,” Ted explains. “A real, actual, full-size, non-imaginary, non-deck-on-top-of a barge-with porta-johns-hanging-off-the-back-until-ILM-does-its-magic Black Pearl. We got Disney to build a pirate ship,” Ted writes. “Cool!”

The Zone thanks emma for posting the story on the News & Views forum. To see a larger version of the Black Pearl, click HERE.

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