DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES' star Eva Longoria talks about "her secret crush on Johnny Depp"

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES’ bombshell Eva Longoria gave an interview to new magazine INSIDE TV; the interview appears in the magazine’s first issue, dated April 25, 2005. Eva sounds like a Depphead with raging JDOCD as she describes catching a glimpse of Johnny at one of this year’s awards parties. “I was totally star struck!” Longoria declares. “He was just a few people away from me. I almost died.” And what would she say to Johnny Depp if she actually met him face-to-face? “I’ll tell him: ‘I can’t talk, because you’re so beautiful!'” Longoria does say that she would welcome the chance to act with Johnny–preferably as his onscreen wife. Yup . . . she’s got the symptoms, all right. The Zone thanks DeepinDepp for posting the story on the News & View forum. We also extend an honorary membership to Ms. Longoria.

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