"He has integrity"–Orlando Bloom talks about Johnny Depp in the new IN TOUCH Magazine

The new edition of IN TOUCH magazine, dated May 2, 2005, features an article on POTC co-star Orlando Bloom. Of course the reporter inquires about Orlando’s relationship with Johnny, including the inevitable question, “What’s it like working with Johnny Depp?” Orlando replies, “He’s a role model for me. He has integrity and makes choices that are brave and unusual. He doesn’t have hissy fits; he conducts himself with grace and humility.”

Asked what lessons Johnny has taught him, Orlando says, “Johnny’s always telling me, ‘Don’t go for the money. Follow your heart, Orlando!’ He offers me the sort of wisdom that he’s acquired by working in the business for decades now.” And did Johnny advise Orlando not to acquire a tattoo of his girlfriend’s name? That brought a laugh from Bloom: “Yeah, he said to avoid that.” The article includes a photo of Johnny and Orlando sitting together at this year’s Golden Globes after-party. The Zone thanks Sam for posting the story on the News & Views forum.

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