Good news–Yvan Attal's HAPPILY EVER AFTER scheduled for wider release

Johnny Depp fans in the Los Angeles area will be able to see his work in Yvan Attal’s HAPPILY EVER AFTER on the first weekend in May: the film is scheduled to open at the Music Hall in Los Angeles and the Playhouse in Pasadena on May 6, 2005. Meanwhile, the movie expands to several more theaters in New York suburbs this Friday: the Malverne Theatre in Malverne; Kew Gardens Cinema in Kew Gardens, Queens; and the Cinema 100 in White Plains, New York.

Emily Brunt of Kino, which is in charge of U.S. bookings for HAPPILY EVER AFTER, told the Zone that she expects Attal’s film to “end up playing most major markets at some point over the summer.” The Zone thanks Ms. Brunt for sharing the good news.

Sandstorm posted Stephanie Zacharek’s insightful review of HAPPILY EVER AFTER on the News & Views forum. “HAPPILY EVER AFTER has the guts to suggest the obvious: that marriages aren’t indistinct blobs created from the smooshing together of two people, but meetings of selves, with all the complications, hazards and risks that meeting implies,” writes Ms. Zacharek. “In one of the movie’s loveliest and most arresting scenes, Gabrielle has an encounter with a devastatingly attractive stranger in a record store. (While I generally make it a rule not to reveal surprise cameos, I’m hoping more people will make it a point to see HAPPILY EVER AFTER if they know that this beguiling stranger is played by Johnny Depp.) The two, listening to the same song through separate headphones — Radiohead’s “Creep” — are isolated but connected. The song [. . .]becomes a mini-soundtrack for the attraction that’s blossoming between them. Gabrielle lives a separate lifetime within the space of that song, a lifetime that doesn’t necessarily preclude the existence of her spouse — it’s just that, for the moment at least, she needs to live only for herself.” We hope to have the chance to view this scene, and the equally famous one in the elevator, on the big screen, soon.

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