Pirates on the move–PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN sequels begin filming in Dominica

With location work on the island of St. Vincent safely completed, the cast and crew of the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN sequels have weighed anchor and headed for a new island. Filming on Dominica began on April 17th. The newly constructed Black Pearl, Captain Jack Sparrow’s ship, is scheduled for use in the Dominica sequences but has not yet left the port of Mobile. Fine-tuning of the Pearl should be completed soon; her revised launch date is Tuesday, April 19th.

The Vincentian, the island’s newspaper, reports that more than 200 local residents were cast as extras in the movie, as fishermen, sailors, and marine officers. It also credits the POTC sequel filming with an increase in local employment and “a phenomenal boost for tourism.” Cameras rolled for only two and a half weeks in St. Vincent, but technicians, designers, and movie staff arrived in St. Vincent before Christmas to begin preparations for the shoot. The Vincentian estimates that the island offered hospitality to 40 actors and approximately 600 technical personnel during the filming.

The Zone thanks emma for her many posts with POTC news and pictures. Emma also confirms that Tom Hollander has joined the cast. He previously appeared with Johnny Depp in THE LIBERTINE.

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