Happy New Year from the Johnny Depp Zone!

Welcome to 2011 to Zoners everywhere! The new year promises to bring wonderful moments to those who follow Johnny Depp’s career; we’re looking forward to the filming of Dark Shadows, with Tim Burton at the helm, and the release of Gore Verbinski’s Rango in March and Rob Marshall’s Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides in May! And that’s just what the first half of 2011 has waiting in the wings. . . .

Regarding Rango, which will be the next Johnny Depp film to reach theaters, CinemaBlend wrote, “Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp team up for [. . .] an irreverent and surreal-looking animated Western about a chameleon figuring out who he is. Instead of reading their lines into a microphone the actors acted out the entire movie on a soundstage, with props and everything, adding an extra wrinkle of interest to a movie that already looks like way more than your average animated kid’s movie.”

The Zone thanks FANtasticJD for sharing the CinemaBlend comment; you can read more on the Zone’s Porch General Discussion forum. The full CinemaBlend 2011 Film Preview is available HERE. Many thanks to Moonbeam for designing the beautiful 2011 New Year artwork.

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