Yvan Attal's HAPPILY EVER AFTER opens in Manhattan

Yvan Attal’s HAPPILY EVER AFTER (Ils se marierent et eurent beaucoup des enfants) opened in New York City this weekend to generally good reviews. Johnny Depp makes a brief yet memorable appearance in two scenes of HAPPILY EVER AFTER, as a mysterious stranger who sparks romantic yearning in the film’s female lead, Charlotte Gainsbourg (director-star Attal’s onscreen and real-life wife).

The New York Times’ Stephen Holden calls HAPPILY EVER AFTER “a breezy, skin-deep sex comedy” and finds Attal and Gainsbourg’s portrayals truthful and appealing. “Nobody does adultery in movies with more style and zest than the French, especially when the mode is frivolous. And anyone who watches HAPPILY EVER AFTER can identify with the grass-is-always-greener daydreams that haunt its characters,” Holden writes.

Jami Bernard of the New York Daily News gave the film three and a half stars: “HAPPILY EVER AFTER gives moviegoers a funny, observant, evanescent approach to the mysteries of human desire.” Bernard singles out the electricity in the scenes between Gainsbourg and Johnny, commenting that “several lyrical, wordless scenes [. . .]deserve the Hall of Fame. [. . . I]n one of two exquisite scenes with an unbilled Johnny Depp, Charlotte Gainsbourg’s character shares an intimate space with a stranger who hears the same music through adjacent headphones. This is terrific filmmaking.”

We hope the positive response in New York will help propel Attal’s film to a spring and summer arthouse tour of North America,where more of Johnny’s fans will have a chance to see his Hall of Fame cameo. Thanks to sandstorm and Part-Time Poet for posting the reviews.

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