London's National Film Theatre honors Johnny Depp with a two-week film festival in April!

Congratulations to Johnny Depp! This month, the British Film Institute honors his body of work with a two-week-long film festival to be held at the prestigious National Film Theatre in London. Nine films will be screened during the retrospective, which begins on April 14th and ends on April 30th. The films chosen to represent Johnny’s twenty years of outstanding movie performances include EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, WHAT’S EATING GILBERT GRAPE, ED WOOD, DEAD MAN, DONNIE BRASCO, FEAR & LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS, BEFORE NIGHT FALLS, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, and FINDING NEVERLAND.

“Depp has [. . .] mapped out one of the most idiosyncratic resumes on moviedom’s A-list, channelling his charisma into audaciously stylised performances for [Tim] Burton, Jim Jarmusch and Terry Gilliam, exploiting or camouflaging his preposterous beauty as the part requires, and amassing a repertoire of accents to rival Meryl Streep’s,” writes the NFT’s Jessica Winter. “Now that he has a mega-grossing franchise under his belt (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN), there’s no one currently on the Hollywood radar to match Depp’s combination of star power with adventurous taste, cockeyed integrity and flair for the without-a-net performance.”

Those UK Zoners lucky enough to live in London or commuting distance can check out the NFT screening schedule HERE, and can book tickets online HERE. Ticket prices are 8.20 pounds per movie, but there are discounts for NFT members, students, and seniors, as well as other concessions available.

The Zone thanks Edda, one of our London members, for posting the good news on the News & Views forum. We hope many UK Zoners are able to take advantage of the opportunity to see Johnny’s finest films on the big screen in a theatre designed to show them at their best.

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