FINDING NEVERLAND's composer, Jan A. P. Kaczmarek, wins Oscar for Best Original Score!

The photo at the left shows FINDING NEVERLAND’s composer, Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, hugging Johnny Depp on his way up to the podium to accept the Oscar for Best Original Score. The nomination was the first for the 51-year-old Polish composer. A delighted Kaczmarek told the Associated Press that he was a “relaxed and happy man” after his victory, and he was quick to attribute his success to the strength of the movie itself. “I had a very good movie to back me up [. . .] and that was very important,” Kaczmarek said. In an interview available on, Kaczmarek describes how Johnny’s “subtle performance” inspired him, and how he scored the movie around that. Thanks to johnnycake and DeepinDepp for the news and pictures.

Kaczmarek’s Oscar was FINDING NEVERLAND’s sole win in its seven nominations. The Zone congratulates Mr. Kaczmarek, whose score for FINDING NEVERLAND is extremely popular with of Zone members. We hope to hear much more of your music! To see a picture of the composer celebrating with his Oscar, click HERE.

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