BREAKING NEWS–Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis arrive at the 2005 Academy Awards!

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis arrived on the red carpet at the Academy Awards tonight, looking as stylish and distinctive as always. Johnny chose a midnight blue tuxedo with a black velvet shawl collar and a white tuxedo shirt with sapphire studs. In the center of his black velvet bow tie was a gold Gonzo pin to honor his friend, the late Hunter S. Thompson. Vanessa wore a full-skirted black chiffon gown by Chanel, with a deep V-neck and a long scarf around her throat. Johnny was interviewed on the red carpet by E!’s Star Jones Reynolds, who asked how he would feel if Lily-Rose wanted to become an actress. Johnny looked appropriately panic-stricken and said he would bolt in the opposite direction, adding modestly that his daughter “had the smarts” to accomplish much more than he had. As he answered Star’s questions, flashes of Captain Jack Sparrow’s gold teeth were visible. For those who wonder why he would consent to an interview with the E! network diva, who is enthusiastic but often under-prepared, we have Betty Sue to thank: “My mom told me I had to come find you,” Johnny told Star. To see a larger shot of Johnny and Vanessa on the red carpet, click HERE. Thanks to the many Zoners who are contributing to the lively red carpet and Oscar coverage!

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