Grateful Scots create a Peter Pan Oscar for Johnny Depp!

Angus and Dundee Tourist Board created a golden Oscar-style statuette in the likeness of Peter Pan and air-mailed it to Johnny Depp with a message of good luck and gratitude. Playwright J. M. Barrie was born in the Angus town of Kirriemuir, and Johnny’s engaging performance as Barrie in FINDING NEVERLAND has brought tourists flocking to Scotland to visit Barrie’s house and museum. Colin Smith, Chief Executive of Angus and Dundee Tourist Board, said, “Who would have thought Johnny Depp would play a part in generating tourism in the Kirriemuir area? The town [. . .] has a lot to thank Mr Depp for.” So do we all, Mr. Smith!

Thanks to Mrs Pink and abigail for posting stories on the News & Views forum, and to Gilbert’s Girl who provided a picture of the Peter Pan statuette.

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