Johnny Depp shares the cover of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY's new Oscar issue!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY celebrates this week’s Oscar nominations by featuring six nominated stars on their cover, including Johnny; the picture is a smaller version of his most recent EW cover. Inside, EW writers recap the nominees in all the major categories. Reviewing the Best Actor nominees, Chris Nashawaty calls Johnny’s performance as J. M. Barrie “a pleasure to watch. He’s a lost boy blessed with a boundless imagination and the gift of getting us to join whatever whimsical adventure he sets out on [. . .].”

In the Best Picture category, Nashawaty offers a persuasive assessment of FINDING NEVERLAND’s hidden power: “FINDING NEVERLAND isn’t so much about the creation of Peter Pan as it is about the touching relationship between Depp’s and Winslet’s characters,” Nashawaty observes. “Depp’s loony grace and Winslet’s sadness and humanity are what stick with you when the theater’s lights go up. After all, Peter Pan may have taught us how to fly, but FINDING NEVERLAND shows us actors who know how to soar.”

The Zone thanks addicted2depp, who broke the news about the EW cover on the News & Views board, and emma for posting the articles.

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