"Vincent VanGogh, John Lennon, and Jack Kerouac"–Johnny Depp talks to Oprah about his ideal dinner guests~~

Zoners who are regular watchers of THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW got a special treat today, January 18, 2005, as Oprah aired a clip show featuring bits of footage from her “after the show” segments with celebrity guests. One of the final segments featured Johnny Depp; this footage was not part of the broadcast which aired on November 2, 2004. Oprah wanted to know whom Johnny would most like to sit down and have a conversation with: “If you could have anyone living or dead to dinner?” Johnny replied, “I think they’re all going to be dead: Vincent Van Gogh, John Lennon, and Jack Kerouac.” Oprah seemed temporarily taken aback at the idea of the great Impressionist painter sitting down to dinner with the Beatles legend, the author of On the Road, and the greatest actor of our generation: “At the same Dinner?” Johnny replied, “Sure! Why not?” Gesturing toward the $4,000 bottle of Chateau Petrus that Oprah uncorked for his visit, Johnny added, “Yeah. I think there’d be a couple of those . . . .” Many thanks to L2 for posting a heads-up about the OPRAH show on the News & Views forum, and to JD101 for the transcript of the broadcast!

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