Johnny Depp adds a touch of grace to 62nd annual Golden Globe awards~~

Depp fans everywhere were disappointed that Johnny didn’t take home the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama for his performance in FINDING NEVERLAND–the Hollywood Foreign Press Association bestowed the award instead on Leonardo di Caprio for THE AVIATOR. But even though FINDING NEVERLAND was shut out of the awards, its five nominations were a fine showing, and the evening had many rewards for devoted Depp watchers. There was a hasty, rather inept last-minute interview on NBC conducted by a nervous Lisa Ling, who asked Johnny what role he would like to play, and was absolutely flummoxed by Johnny’s tongue-in-cheek reply: “What comes into mind at the moment is, like, Mae West, although I probably wouldn’t do it, you know.” He paused to assess Ling’s reaction–apparently she recognized neither the famous sex siren of 1930s films nor Johnny’s own forays as a blond bombshell in ED WOOD or BEFORE NIGHT FALLS. He then added helpfully, “I’m a little too old for that role now. Maybe Carol Channing.” We have noted a certain resemblance between Ms. Channing’s wide, inflexible grin and that of Johnny’s Willy Wonka.

Other pleasures of the evening included seeing Johnny seated at a table with Quentin Tarantino and Uma Thurman. He attended the Miramax afterparty, where he hung out with his ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO director Robert Rodriguez and Miramax head Harvey Weinstein. Photographers also snapped him seated at a table, chatting with POTC co-star Orlando Bloom. Thanks to the dozens of Zoners who posted information about the Golden Globes on the forums, and to all who have contributed photos and screencaps, especially Susanne, johnnylubber, Savvy, Intodadepps, AnaMaria, lostinconfusion, Chicago Jazz, DeepinDepp, emma, and Miranda.

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