Auction bidders ante up to buy Don Juan de Marco costumes!

Parts of Johnny’s wardrobe from Don Juan de Marco fetched impressive prices at a movie memorabilia auction on July 30th. A t-shirt and jeans ensemble Johnny’s character wore in the film sold for $1,500; and a collection of Don Juan’s jewelry, including a gold-toned ring with the initials deM, sold for $2,500. Most impressive was the sale of Don Juan’s “hero” costume–black pants, billowing white shirt, red-orange vest, knee-high leather boots, gloves, hat, and black mask. The costume was expected to sell for $4,000 -$6,000. The selling price was four times the estimate, with the costume finally fetching $28,750. The Zone thanks savvy peppers for providing information on the individual ebay auctions . . . .

No word, however, on the identity of the buyer(s) for any of the Don Juan items. Come on, Zoners, ‘fess up! Did you want to dress up as Don Juan for Halloween? Or do you think the cape and mask are hanging in David Beckham’s closet right now?

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