More award nominations for FINDING NEVERLAND!

The Motion Picture Editors Guild has honored FINDING NEVERLAND’s editor, Matt Chesse, with a nomination for best editing on a feature-length motion picture. Congratulations! Matt Chesse also edited director Marc Forster’s previous film, MONSTER’S BALL. The other pictures nominated include THE AVIATOR, COLLATERAL, KILL BILL VOL. 2, KINSEY, and MILLION DOLLAR BABY . . . . The Art Directors Guild also honors its own, and has nominated FINDING NEVERLAND’s art director, Gemma Jackson, for Excellence in Production Design, Period or Fantasy Film. Other nominees include Dante Ferretti for THE AVIATOR, Lou Romano for THE INCREDIBLES, Rich Heinrichs for LEMONY SNICKET’S A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS, and Anthony Pratt for THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. Not only is Ms. Jackson the only woman nominated, but she also worked her design magic with a budget far smaller than any of her competitors. Congratulations to Mr. Chesse and Ms. Jackson for their outstanding contributions to FINDING NEVERLAND!

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