"The nicest guy on the planet:" SHANTARAM's author, Gregory David Roberts, talks about his alter ego, Johnny Depp~~

Gregory David Roberts, whose novel SHANTARAM was purchased by Warner Bros. for $2 million in October, met the actor who will portray him on film–and (where have we heard this before?) was absolutely dazzled by Johnny Depp’s kindness and generosity. “Took me a nanosecond [. . .] to pack a grip and pick up the First Class ticket he left for me at the British Airways desk in Melbourne,” writes Roberts in the engaging account of his journey published on his SHANTARAM website. He visited Johnny in London during the shooting of CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. Veronica has kindly posted the whole account on the News & Views forum–thanks, V! Depp fans will also want to investigate Roberts’ fascinating website.

Here’s what Roberts has to say about Johnny as a person: “All of Johnny’s fans [. . .]will be delighted but not surprised to hear that he’s just about the nicest guy on the goddamn planet. He’s generous, considerate, modest, brave, intelligent, good-hearted, creative, funny, gentle, wise, loving, loyal, hard-working, and almost unbearably cool.” To see a picture of Roberts and Johnny together during his visit, click HERE. The picture was taken by Johnny’s P bandmate and long-time friend Bill Carter.

Roberts was also very impressed by Johnny as an actor: “The total professional, Johnny puts passion and intensity into every take [. . .]. No less important, it seemed to me, was the way that he brought so much affectionate communication to every other actor in each scene, and extended that warmth to every member of the crew. It was a happy, positive set, and I put that down to Johnny’s art, and his good heart, and to the sensitive brilliance of his friend, the wonderful Tim Burton.” Another Depphead is born . . . .

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