When Johnny Depp plays tourist in Venice, it draws a crowd! New photos from THE TOURIST set

The photo at left shows Johnny Depp during the filming of The Tourist outside the Santa Lucia train station in Venice on March 17th. JD looks every inch the prototypical tourist (only much better-looking, of course) as he drops his luggage at his feet while he struggles to identify his location on a map. To see a larger version of the photo, CLICK HERE. The filming drew such a large crowd that the production had to shut down early in the interest of public safety! Well, who could resist the opportunity to see Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie practicing their craft in one of the most beautiful settings in the world?

To get some idea of the size of the crowd, CLICK HERE, and to see what everyone was looking at–Johnny Depp (with map) walking toward Angelina Jolie in a water taxi–CLICK HERE. Many thanks to In-too-Depp and Reyhan for the pictures and to Emma for news articles. You can read more about The Tourist on the Zone’s News & Views forum.

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