"He's an artist"–Jerry Bruckheimer talks about Johnny Depp and the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN sequels

A little bit of news on the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN sequels from executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer: according to a statement Bruckheimer gave to MTV, Geoffrey Rush has yet to sign on for a third POTC film. (The statement does imply that Rush has signed on for POTC 2, however.) Apparently Disney has not officially signed on for the third film, either–at least not where it counts, the bottom line. “We’re hoping to start shooting [the second and third movies] in March,” Bruckheimer told MTV, “but we’re waiting for a very big check from Disney.” Jerry did confirm that Johnny, Orlando Bloom, and Keira Knightley are all set to return for both sequels, but the stories about Keith Richards appearing as Jack Sparrow’s dad are “premature;” Richards has not signed yet. Thanks to emma for posting the story.

Endora posted a profile of Jerry Bruckheimer from the London Times–you can read the whole article HERE, thanks, Endora–which includes these reflections about Johnny’s legendary performance as Captain Jack Sparrow: “He’s an artist and you hire him because he’s an artist. You don’t hire Johnny Depp and try to put him in a box and say, ‘This is the performance you have to give me.’ It was an inspired performance, but it scared the studio to death when they saw it. My phone lit up like a Christmas tree after they saw the first day’s rushes. They said, ‘You’ve got to tone it down. It’s ridiculous.’ We said, ‘No, wait till you see how engaging it is’.” We’ve all seen how engaging Captain Jack Sparrow is, and we can’t wait for his return to the big screen!

LA Zoners can see the original PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN at the Hollywood El Capitan Theatre from January 13th through January 30th. Kazren reports there will be costume contests nightly; the opening night show starts at 7pm. Sounds like great fun for those in the area–thanks for the news, Kazren!

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