We're in blog heaven! Johnny Depp is the #1 most blogged-about actor in the world!

Since you are reading a Johnny Depp blog at this very moment, it should come as no surprise whatsoever that the Deppster ranked number one in entertainment-related discussion in blogs in 2004, according to a year-end analysis of blog content by Intelliseek’s BlogPulse.com portal. BusinessWire reports, “Intelliseek’s Blog Pulse tracks and analyzes more than 3.5 million blogs daily. Short for ‘weblogs,’ blogs are easily published web sites that serve as online diaries, journals, newsletters or sources of opinion, information and expertise.” Intelliseek’s CMO, Pete Blackshaw, notes that bloggers have an effect on the show-business climate by stimulating interest in the personality they discuss: “Early consumer ‘buzz’ plays a critical role in the entertainment industry, and it’s clear that bloggers are seeding and fueling the discussion of movies, personalities, music, imagery, books and other forms of entertainment.” Thanks, DeepinDepp, for posting the story on the News & Views forum.

The Zone’s Johnny Depp News Blog has been up and running on the home page since July 9, 2004, the day of the launch of the new site. We know no better way to keep our members apprised of the latest Depp news, and we are delighted to take part in making Johnny #1. We look forward to having more great news to post about Johnny in 2005!

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