A first look at Victor, Johnny Depp's character in Tim Burton's animated feature CORPSE BRIDE!

The dark-haired big-eyed gent to the left is Victor, the character for whom Johnny Depp supplies the voice in Tim Burton’s stop-motion animated fantasy CORPSE BRIDE. The film is based on a 19th Century folktale in which a man mistakenly weds a corpse, much to the distress of his living, faithful fiancee. Helena Bonham Carter voices the Corpse Bride, with Emily Watson playing Victor’s beloved. Albert Finney and Christopher Lee also voice major roles in the film, directed by Tim Burton and Mike Johnson. CORPSE BRIDE is scheduled for release in the U.S. on September 23, 2005, and in the U.K. a month later, on October 21, 2005. We can’t wait to see more of Victor! Thanks to DeepinDepp and Bonnie for posting the news on the Zone. For a larger view of Victor and his fiancee, click HERE.

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