Hollywood Reporter: Miramax to distribute THE LIBERTINE in U.S.

THE LIBERTINE’s long hunt for a U.S. distributor may be over. Today’s HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, in a brief article on Tracey Jacobs, mentions that in addition to her most famous client, Johnny Depp, Ms. Jacobs also “signed filmmaker Laurence Dunmore and helped him sell his film THE LIBERTINE to Miramax.” That’s certainly worded as if it’s a done deal, even though there has never been any official announcement. Let’s hope, if Miramax has the distribution rights, it keeps its word and actually distributes the film to more than two theaters. Thanks to vanessa30 for posting the Hollywood Reporter story.

The Zone congratulates Tracey Jacobs, named #67 on the Hollywood Reporter’s “Power 100” list, a ranking of the most powerful women in Hollywood. When he accepted the Strasberg Award from the Actor’s Fund in October, Johnny thanked Tracey for “sticking with him” for seventeen years, and said the award should really be hers.

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