Happy 5th Anniversary to SLEEPY HOLLOW!

Can it really be five years since we first saw Johnny Depp’s ingratiating performance as Constable Ichabod Crane in Tim Burton’s magical retelling of SLEEPY HOLLOW? Yes . . . SLEEPY HOLLOW was released on November 19th, 1999, five years ago today. The film went on to gross over $100 million domestically, making it a bona fide blockbuster; it was nominated for Oscars for cinematography and costume design, and won an Oscar for Best Art Direction. Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci,and Miranda Richardson won Blockbuster Entertainment Awards as Best Actor, Actress, and Supporting Actress in a horror film, and Marc Pickering, who played young Masbath, was nominated for a Blockbuster award as Best Supporting Actor. When Johnny accepted the Lee Strasberg Award from the Actor’s Fund last month, he saluted his fellow honoree Angela Lansbury and told the delighted crowd that she had been his inspiration for the wide-eyed, intrepid-despite-himself Ichabod–a performance that remains as fresh, funny, and moving today as it was when the film came to theaters five years ago. Congratulations to Johnny and Tim for having created another cinema classic!

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