Tim Burton talks with MTV about DARK SHADOWS

In a recent interview, MTV’s Josh Horowitz asked director Tim Burton if he had “any plans to bring back the original Barnabas [Collins], Jonathan Frid,” when Burton films his version of Dark Shadows next year, with Johnny Depp starring as Barnabas. The question seemed a bit premature: “Well, that’s still early days on Dark Shadows,” Burton replied. “And you know, one of the biggest challenges on that is to just capture that weird tone of the show. I think that is the biggest challenge.”

Referring to the legendary Jonathan Frid, Burton said, “But he, you know, he was certainly a major–I know for Johnny as well–that [he] was a major image, and he was a major presence, Jonathan. You know–that character. The fact that that thing was on TV still amazes me. I still think I was having some kind of weird dream.” The Zone thanks Emma sharing the MTV interview. –Part-Time Poet

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