Ebert and Roeper give FINDING NEVERLAND two thumbs up!

Syndicated film critics Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper gave FINDING NEVERLAND two thumbs up on their program this weekend. They praised the film and touted Johnny’s performance as J.M. Barrie as Oscar-worthy. “Very few actors could negotiate the hazards of this role without asking for trouble, but for Johnny Depp, it is a brilliant balancing act,” said Roger Ebert, as he cast his “Thumbs Up” vote. Roeper said that Johnny definitely deserved an Oscar nomination. “Johnny Depp is emerging as one of the most versatile actors of his generation,” the critics announced–as if it were news. But while it’s high praise and undoubtedly deserved, the Zone would like to remind Mr. Ebert and Mr. Roeper that Johnny emerged as the most versatile actor of his generation fifteen years ago, with CRY BABY and EDWARD SCISSORHANDS. In his range, as in his talent, he has no peer.

The Zone thanks sandstorm, micdus, and lizbet for reporting the story.

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