ONBC attends Daniel Depp's book signing for LOSER'S TOWN in San Jose–a "Southern gentleman" holds court

Daniel Depp appeared at the Borders at Santana Row in San Jose on March 5th to read from his novel Loser’s Town, and–how lucky for us!–Liz, one of the moderators of Oprah Noodlemantra’s Book Club, was able to attend. (That’s Liz’s personal photo of the dapper Mr. Depp on the left–nice work, Liz!) “He began by giving us a short synopsis of the book; and then proceeded to read from Loser’s Town,” Liz reports. “He would be a great one to read the audiobook. He read the first part of Chapter 2, which begins to tell Spandau’s story. And then he read one of my favorite parts . . . the ride down Sunset. How did he know that I wanted him to read that excerpt?”

During the question-and-answer session, Depp spoke about Loser’s Town’s affinity to film noir, and said that his detective, David Spandau, like Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe, is a moral man forced to deal with an amoral world. Spandau “is a guy with a heart who goes out there and does the job he has to do—does the right thing even though he realizes that he’s probably going to get clobbered for it,” Depp told his audience. “He’s not going to change the world; but he does it because it is the right and correct thing to do. I was brought up in the south and I was educated as a Southern gentleman; and a Southern gentleman knows what’s right and does it.”

You can read more of Liz’s report on the ONBC forum in the thread “Daniel Depp’s book-signing appearances–Zoner reports”–Liz’s account of her evening appears on page 2. We thank her for sharing her experience and her photos. Liz found Daniel Depp “so personable and comfortable to talk to,” and extremely gracious–if he will be appearing at a bookstore near you, do stop by and say hello!–Part-Time Poet

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