Johnny Depp visits Chicago to tape THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW today!

Johnny Depp arrived in Chicago today to tape an appearance on OPRAH which will air next Tuesday, November 2nd. Zoner Lady Ashleen, who saw Johnny arrive at Harpo Studios in a black SUV, reports that he was accompanied by his partner Vanessa Paradis. Newbie shared some details from her friend Jenny, who was one of the lucky ladies who actually attended the taping today. Jenny reports that it was “amazing and surreal” to see Johnny in person and that he seemed shy. He wore a black jacket, a green shirt,and black boots, and looked “gorgeous.” Oprah presented Johnny with a bottle of red wine which they sipped throughout the show. Oprah teased Johnny about being “the sexiest man alive”–a compliment he waved away, of course–and asked him about the alleged “dumb puppy” comment, which Johnny carefully explained yet again. No word if Oprah asked about the hotel-trashing incident or the Winona Forever tattoo . . . .

Kate Winslet also appeared on the show and was charming. Be sure to watch for Kate hosting Saturday Night Live tomorrow night. Johnny will also be in New York City tomorrow night to receive the Lee Strasberg Award from the Actor’s Fund. Big Apple Zoners, if you’re in the vicinity of the Waldorf tomorrow, keep a sharp eye!

A big thank-you to Lady Ashleen, Newbie and her friend Jenny for sharing the news with the Zone. We can’t wait for Tuesday’s show!

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