Debut of PUBLIC ENEMIES trailer generates huge positive buzz for Michael Mann's film

The debut of the Public Enemies trailer, starring Johnny Depp as the legendary John Dillinger, has sent interest in Michael Mann’s film so high that it is spilling over into all things Dillinger, reports Yahoo’s Buzz Log. “Queries on the clip are soaring,” reports the internet site, and even though Public Enemies “won’t hit theaters until July, queries on the movie’s real-life characters are beginning their climb.” The Buzz Log notes a surge in searches for “John Dillinger mugshot,” “Dillinger body,” and “John Dillinger escape plan,” which shows a growing interest in the movie’s subject matter, as well as the more predictable searches like “Dillinger movie” or “Johnny Depp gangster movie” which are obviously designed to locate the Public Enemies trailer. To read more about the trailer’s hot buzz, CLICK HERE.

James White offers a witty play-by-play of the trailer on the website; CLICK HERE to see a 22-picture slide show of the trailer’s key moments, with White’s commentary. The Zone thanks FANtasticJD for sharing the link to You can read a very lively discussion of Zoners’ reactions to the Public Enemies trailer on the News & Views forum. –Part-Time Poet

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