A great actor leaves the stage–farewell, Marlon Brando–

With the recent death of Marlon Brando, Johnny suffered the loss of both a good friend and a professional mentor. Our condolences to Johnny, the Brando family, the actors who took him as their inspiration for more than fifty years, and movie fans everywhere. Brando made our world bigger and brighter by his very presence. He changed what it meant to be an actor in the movies: twentieth-century film could be divided into two periods, before Brando and after Brando.

No performance in Brando’s long and illustrious career is as joyous and full of the zest for life as his portrayal of Dr. Mickler in Don Juan de Marco. His delight in sharing the screen with his young colleague is evident, and many of the commentaries written at his death singled out Johnny as Brando’s professional heir. Brando also appeared in The Brave, in a far different role; a third planned film collaboration between Brando and Johnny was not completed due to funding problems.

Thanks to depphead in TX (now TX depphead) who first broke the story; Elsie, Conny, Really, and nobody for contributing news stories on Brando’s death; and to the many Zoners who wrote so eloquently about their feelings at his passing. May he rest in peace.

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