Johnny Depp featured on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT on December 31st!

Entertainment Tonight rang out the old year in style by giving a brief glimpse of Johnny Depp on their December 31st program–not the man himself, but Johnny as he appears in the upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly (dated January 9, 2009). “What will be the must-see films of 2009?” inquired ET host Mary Hart. “Entertainment Weekly has your guide. Start with Johnny Depp as the legendary gangster John Dillinger in Public Enemies. Johnny holds a tommygun on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, on sale Friday.” That should boost our circulation as well as the magazine’s, judging by this photo of Johnny’s Dillinger; to see a larger version, CLICK HERE. Many thanks to RumLover for the screencap and a clip of the ET program; you can find that on our News & Views forum. –Part-Time Poet

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