"I think he's amazing"–Josh Brolin speaks about Johnny Depp

With the release of Oliver Stone’s latest film W, actor Josh Brolin (who plays George W. Bush) had reason to reminisce with The Independent’s Craig McLean about the early days of his career, when he and an actor named Johnny Depp were both under consideration for the role of Officer Tom Hanson in the TV series 21 Jump Street. “Back then,” writes McLean, “waiting for The Call, Brolin remembers that Depp had just returned to the US after filming a small role in a movie about Vietnam. . . . The film was Platoon, the director Oliver Stone, himself a Vietnam veteran. Both film and film-maker would win Oscars.” Brolin was agog: “I was like, ‘Oliver Stone! . . . I can’t imagine working with Oliver Stone! How great would that be?'”

Now, twenty years later, Brolin can answer that question from personal experience. But he retains his admiration for Johnny Depp. “Can you imagine Johnny’s life?” Brolin asked the reporter rhetorically. “I love him, man. I have so much respect for that guy. I think he’s amazing. His choices! He’s it!”

The Zone thanks Theresa for sharing the Brolin interview; you can read more of it on the Porch forum, or for the entire interview, CLICK HERE. –Part-Time Poet

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